About our Orthodontic Practice

Short Treatment Time

Our practice is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible solution to developing a confident smile. We fully understand the need of our patients to actually see improvements in their dental appearance as well as having their treatment completed within the shortest time frame. To this end, we use a light wire technique with mini braces to minimise discomfort and to achieve rapid movements of teeth to their final positions. In 90% of our cases, braces are removed within eighteen months!

Non-Extraction Treatment

Over the years, we have witnessed hundreds of cases where the unnecessary extraction of baby and adult teeth to make room for treatment resulted in irreversible unsatisfactory facial profiles. Since the commencement of our practice in 1984, our policy has always been 'Extraction is the Last Resort'. Hence, thousands of our patients have benefited from our proven Non-Extraction treatment which not only avoids the costs of unnecessary extraction, but preserves the facial profile not otherwise be possible had there been extractions.

The commendation and referral from our patients have always been the biggest compliment we pride ourselves on and we strive to provide our patients the best possible care and attention during their course of treatment.

About Dr. Stella Lee, M.D.Sc.(Melb.), L.D.S.(Vic.)

Dr. Stella Lee is a registered specialist in orthodontics. She is a full member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists and member of American Association of Orthodontists and World Federation of Orthodontists.

She graduated with Bachelor of Dental Science Degree from the University of Melbourne in 1977 with honours, having been awarded the John Iliff prize for being the top student in 1974. She was also a holder of Commonwealth Dental Scholarship between 1975 and 1977. Upon graduation, she worked in School Dental Service and then in private dental practice for four years. In 1982, she was offered a House Officer position at the Royal Dental Hospital to undertake a two year training in orthodontics. She graduated with Master of Dental Science Degree in orthodontics in 1983.

After graduation, she worked with two experienced orthodontists before establishing her own practices in Melbourne and Ballarat in 1985.

Over the past 29 years, she attended numerous orthodontic congresses both in Australia and overseas to keep up with the state of the art in orthodontics. Being an Australian Chinese, she can speak both Cantonese and Mandarin fluently.

She subscribes to the dictum that extraction of healthy permanent teeth should be the last resort in orthodontics. This is due to the fact that extractions of side teeth to correct crowding, in most cases, produce a narrowing of the smile with areas of darkness at the corners of the mouth (cf diagram below). In some cases, patients are even left with front teeth tilting inwards which tends to worsen with age. By combining her wide experience in both the Edgewise and Begg techniques* in orthodontics, she was able to produce the most optimum results in orthodontic treatment without extraction in over 95% of her cases.

Non Extraction

Full Broad Smile


Note the darkness at the corners

* Depending on the University they go to, most orthodontists in Australia are trained in either the Edgewise or Begg technique(using different orthodontic bracket system) during their studies. Each technique carries its distinct advantages and it is important to be familiar with both techniques in achieving optimum treatment results efficiently.